Visitor Information

Lockheed Martin’s visitor management system provides a secure, easy-to-use experience for all visitors and customers to our
domestic facilities.

Visitor registration is accessible through a secure, external portal to protect your privacy and streamline processes. This easy-to-use system underscores our commitment to handling the personal information of our employees, customers, stockholders and partners securely and responsibly. 



What should I expect when visiting Lockheed Martin?

Visitors can expect a technology-enabled, user-friendly, streamlined experience.  Kiosks may be available to allow the visitor to check-in using their QR code or confirmation number.  The visitor must present the appropriate identification to be given a badge to enter the facility.

I can’t find my confirmation email or my link has expired/is not working?

Contact LMSecurity using the contact information listed on this page.

Do I need to provide my social security number (SSN)?

SSN is only required for classified visits however, a visitor can enter that information in the portal for both classified and unclassified visits.

How are tours requested?

Tour requests must be coordinated with local security for approval.


Phone: (407) 306-7311
Toll Free: (866) 330-7311
Fax: (720) 479-2750