DO Try This at Home: 3 Energy Technologies We Took From the Lab to Our Office

There are a lot of things you shouldn't try at home. Complex aerial aerobics and egg juggling to name a few. But what about the list of things that you should try? Energy solutions that make your home or workplace leaner, meaner and greener - definitely give those a shot.

At Lockheed Martin, that's exactly what we've been doing.

For decades, we've engineered the best energy solutions to help customers meet the demands of today, while preparing for the energy needs of tomorrow. The solutions have been so effective that we've become our own customer - using the tech at home and at our own offices to improve business operations, energy efficiency and sustainability.

"When we offer energy solutions to customers, we've often used them at our own facilities first," said Frank Armijo, vice president of Lockheed Martin Energy. "When we are able to test, refine and use our own products first, we can improve their performance and enhance the value they deliver to our customers."

With our energy solutions used by businesses and governments around the world, here's a short list of our favorite technologies that we use on our home turf.


Trash is the new treasure - no kidding. All over the world, we're turning waste into valuable energy through bioenergy technology. With our partner Concord Blue, we're using advanced waste-to-energy technology that will power more than 5,000 homes and businesses in Herten, Germany.

Before preparing to break ground on our 5MW facility in Germany, we applied the technology at our Lockheed Martin facility in Owego, New York.

This 250kW facility, which was commissioned in 2016, takes organic-based material and turns it into clean power - all while reducing both emissions and waste going to landfills. The electricity produced will be used to offset power needs at the Lockheed Martin Owego facility.

This self-sustaining system will convert approximately 3,650 tons of wood waste per year into electricity. It's also oxygen-free, which means no flames or polluting furans or dioxins are produced, making it environmentally-friendly.

Maggie Gutierrez
Chief Engineer, Bioenergy
Lockheed Martin Energy

"Find your passion. There are a lot of different ways to make a difference in energy."

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As the way we generate and consume electricity changes, energy storage is needed to support the grid and stabilize supply and demand. Lockheed Martin GridStarâ„¢ solutions are designed to help customers solve these complex problems - and we are using this technology internally to make our own operations more efficient.

Last year, we are installed energy storage systems at our Lockheed Martin facilities in New York and Texas. This year, we will install systems in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and California, which will improve our own efficiency.

Liz Santori
Senior Research Scientist, Energy Storage
Lockheed Martin Energy

"I like the pioneering aspect of what I do - making something for the first time."

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Working with eight of the 10 largest U.S. utilities, we're helping manage energy demand, and improve grid reliability and efficiency. This work helps lower utility bills and ensure power is always available during peak demand.

Lockheed Martin also helps industrial and commercial businesses with facility efficiency projects that conserve energy, increase operational efficiencies and maximize capital spending.

In 2015 alone, Lockheed Martin completed energy efficiency projects for utility, industrial and commercial customers which saved more than 1.7 million megawatt-hours of energy. That's enough to power about 165,000 homes for an entire year.

To better help customers, we've honed our skills by managing efficiency projects in our backyard for Lockheed Martin facilities. Last year, our facilities completed more than 40 efficiency and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction projects, including improvements in HVAC, lighting, building envelopes, retro commissioning and renewable energy integration. All this green work allowed us to reduce our own energy use by 18 percent since 2010 and GHG emissions by operations 23 percent. Did we mention it also saved approximately $26 million in cost avoidance?



Ian Metzger
Senior Energy Engineer, Energy Management
Lockheed Martin Energy

"Energy is evolving and moving fast in many directions. Each day we face new customers, new challenges and new goals to achieve. We're constantly asking, 'Is there a better way to do this?' "

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