Advanced Programs/Special Programs

From unmanned systems to battlefield visualization, our advanced and special programs team provides the technology, support and innovation needed to engineer the most advanced systems available.



At MFC Energy, we’re advancing smart, natural and safe energy technologies, enabling global security, a strong economic future, and climate protection for future generations. From tidal power and bioenergy to smart grids, energy storage, nuclear systems and more — we have a comprehensive portfolio of highly advanced energy generation, management and security solutions.


Fire Control and Special Operations Forces Contractor Logistics Support Services

Our fire control business is the world's leading supplier of precision targeting and navigation systems for rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft. We have reliably produced and delivered more than 10,500 electro-optical and radar systems to 25 countries. Combat proven in precision strike missions and nontraditional intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, these systems enable the warfighter to see further and clearer, helping achieve mission success and safe return from combat. Our Special Operations Forces (SOF) Contractor Logistics Support Services (CLSS) provide dedicated, responsive and cost-effective logistics to the SOF community.


Intergrated Air and Missile Defense

Our air and missile defense systems protect battlefield troops and communities against the full spectrum of 21st century threats — hostile aircraft and cruise and ballistic missiles. Our combat-proven "hit-to-kill" technology defeats incoming targets and their payloads with enormous energy from high velocity, body-to-body impact.


Tactical Missiles/Combat Maneuver Systems

Our tactical missiles business designs and integrates the world's best tactical missiles, guided projectiles and launch platforms. Our anti-armor missiles and our short- and long-range guided munitions can defeat all threats and offer fire-and-forget survivability, overwhelming lethality and precision-strike accuracy.

Our strike systems business provides the world's most advanced air-to-ground precision strike weapons. Our proven guidance and seeker systems put distance between our aircrews and danger, and they defeat critical, well-defended stationary or moving air, ground and sea targets.

Lockheed Martin applies its hallmark systems integration expertise to a range of military vehicles, both manned and unmanned. MFC puts its mature autonomous technologies to use in a variety of platforms, and we have decades of experience designing, developing and producing affordable ground vehicles that safely transport people and cargo in the most challenging conditions.