Lockheed Martin Celebrates National Engineers Week

As a strong supporter of the National Engineers Week Foundation, Lockheed Martin’s upcoming STEM education outreach efforts will focus around the Foundation’s signature program, National Engineers Week, February 19-25. 

Engineers Week not only celebrates the numerous contributions that engineers make to society, but also helps raise awareness, understanding and interest in the field of engineering among a key audience; young adults. The 2012 theme, “7 Billion People. 7 Billion Dreams. 7 Billion Chances for Engineers to Turn Dreams into Reality,” provides the perfect backdrop for discussions with students about a career as an engineer and how engineers will be a key factor in sustaining a world with a population of seven billion people.

Lockheed Martin’s celebration of engineering will include numerous events and activities designed to inspire and engage students, involve dedicated employee volunteers, and honor our outstanding engineers and engineer volunteers for their contributions to Lockheed Martin and the community.

Throughout National Engineers Week, Lockheed Martin will:

  • conduct tours and demonstrations for visiting school groups,
  • host on-site student competitions, as well as employee and company leadership competitions around STEM-focused activities,
  • sponsor local Engineers Week museum and science center events,
  • provide Keynote Speakers throughout the week so employees can hear firsthand about technology and innovation within the field of engineering,  and
  • hold ceremonies to recognize our patent and trade secret award recipients who have truly “turned dreams into reality,” through their outstanding work.

With an employee base that includes of over 64,000 engineers and technologist, Lockheed Martin is dedicated to increasing our nation’s technical workforce pipeline.  As an industry leader, we are proud to be doing our part toward easing the looming tech talent shortfall.  Celebrating National Engineers Week is a great opportunity for us to highlight the field of engineering, to showcase our outstanding engineers, and to inspire the engineers and technologists of tomorrow.

  Building the Future of Science and Technology Leaders
During a special ceremony at the South Orlando YMCA Family Center, which featured the legendary Tuskegee Airmen, Lockheed Martin presented a total of $103,000 in contributions and grants to the YMCA and Oak Ridge High School.

Led by Lockheed Martin volunteers, students are experienced engineering activities such as paper airplane contests and flight simulators at during last year's Engineers Week.

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