Engineering Spotlight:
Karla C.

What is your role at Lockheed Martin?

My current job is working in Flight Test for the F-35.  I am part of the Engineering Leadership Development Program, where I get the opportunity to rotate jobs every year for three years.  I am excited to be part of this program because it will allow me to learn about different areas in the Company as well allow me to build my network.  Other benefits from the program are extra classes that we take to learn from SME’s on different engineering departments and what they do. All this will help me discover what career path I am interested in pursuing and help me successful at the same time.

What inspired you to pursue a career in engineering?

Well maybe it all started because my dad is a Civil Engineer and when my sister and I were little my dad would make going grocery shopping a math game without us knowing.  As I got older I was curious of how things worked, like the TV, fans, cars, hair dryer, computers, etc.  I started learning more about engineers and found that they can be from astronauts to video game creators and made me want to be part of an exciting and innovating career.

What tips or advice would you offer students considering a career in engineering?

Engineering is a wonderful career that offers many options, my recommendation is to research those many options from aeronautical to industrial engineering talking to professors and field engineers to discover what grasps your attention and more aligns with your passions.

One of the challenges facing the engineering field is a lack of awareness for what engineering is, and what engineers do. What steps can Industry take to make engineering more relatable to the general public?

I think the best way is reaching to students early in school and talking about engineering, but taking away the “nerdy” and “boring”  stereotype and replace it with cool and innovation.  It would be great if industries could work together in a national campaign that would not only reach to students but parents, because they are a big influence on their sons and daughters, our engineers of the future.

This year’s National Engineering Week theme is “Celebrate Awesome.”  What would you describe as the most “awesome” part of your job?

The most awesome part of my job is working for a Company that makes a great product, like the F-35 (can’t get better than that!) and to work for a Company that has a greater impact in our community by creating products that defend our nation and keep us ahead in innovation.


Name: Karla C.
Location: Fort Worth
Engineering Field: Systems Engineering

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