Fast Facts About the First USS Little Rock

A special thank you to the USS Little Rock Association (, whose exhaustive historical collection we drew from for these fun, fast facts.

The first USS Little Rock was actually two ships...

She was commissioned in 1945 as a Cleveland-class light cruiser (CL-92), and retired in 1950.
Seven years later, the US Navy converted her into CLG-4, a Galveston-class guided missile cruiser, and she set sail again in 1960.


It's A Hit!

On October 21, 1960, the USS Little Rock got a direct hit on a radio-controlled drone at 60 miles. It was the first recorded direct hit by a US Navy ship-launched guided missile.


By the numbers: a partial list of statistics from the ship’s eight-month deployment to the Mediterranean in 1963…

The laundry worked 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for a total of 35,680 hours. During this time they processed 235 personal bags weekly, and pressed an average of 8,860 articles weekly. They washed 4,800 pounds daily for a total of 556 tons.
The crew drank 376,245 sodas, which added up to $17,359.10 “in nickels.” The soda fountain dispensed 75,000 dishes of ice cream. Ship's store sales added up to $149,527 of which $77,000 was for foreign merchandise.
The crew ate 19 tons of chicken, 347,760 fresh eggs, 10 tons of real butter, 175 tons of potatoes, 13 tons of fresh fruit, and drank 406,500 cups of coffee.
The ship traveled an estimated 42,029 miles, using 4,843,373 gallons of oil and 9,002,559 gallons of water.