Five Reasons to Love MEADS

1. When we say 360  — we mean 360.

To have 360 defense, you have to have 360 vision. MEADS is the only 360-degree air and missile defense system.



2. MEADS was designed for joint forces integration.

Plug-and-fight system is tailorable and scalable to battle element. MEADS open architecture makes it easy for country-to-country system integration.



3. MEADS saves money while increasing capability and flexibility.

Germany expects to save one-third of the cost of Patriot over an expected service life of 30 years. Manpower requirements are considerably reduced compared to Patriot. Designed for reliability, the radars and launchers cut life cycle costs in half.



4. Mobile and modular means MEADS is there when you need it.

MEADS is easily transported by air, sea or ground.



5. Ready for next generation threats.

MEADS ultra-high frequency 360-radar identifies advanced threats and extends coverage range. Want to see MEADS in action?



Posted: May 30, 2016