Behind the Scenes: LCS 11 Sioux City’s Journey to Christening

Have you been following the U.S. Navy’s eleventh littoral combat ship (LCS), Sioux City, on her journey to christening and launch? We dug up these “baby pictures” of Sioux City from when she was just a few sheets of steel. Follow along this photo timeline to watch her transform into a Navy warship!

Sparks flew as LCS 11, Sioux City, came to life! June 27, 2013, marked the “steel cutting” milestone, or start of construction, for Sioux City.
After its steel was cut, the ship moved through the module erection process. In this photo, a grand module undergoes completion. There are 71 modules that comprise Sioux City.
On February 13, 2014, Sioux City marked the keel laying milestone. Laying the keel is a ship construction milestone that occurs when the first module for a ship is erected in place.
During keel authentication, ship sponsor Mrs. Mary Winnefeld’s initials were welded on the Keel Laying Plaque. The crew will choose a location on the ship to mount the plaque.
Prior to the launch, a team of engineers used special equipment to move the ship from the construction site to the launch ways.
On Jan. 30, 2016, Sioux City will launch sideways into the Menominee River. This milestone marks the next step in Sioux City’s journey to becoming a part of the U.S. Navy fleet.