5 Things You Should Know About the Hybrid Airship


It's proven.

We’ve invested more than 20 years to develop the technology, prove the performance and ensure there are compelling economics for the Hybrid Airship. It was over ten years ago when we built and flew the prototype, the P-791, that successfully demonstrated all the technologies needed to make this real. Currently, the Lockheed Martin Hybrid Airship is the only cargo airship with an approved FAA Certification Plan.

It's safe and affordable transportation to virtually anywhere.

The Hybrid Airship can travel virtually anywhere, making humanitarian relief missions a reality. The cargo bay is capable of carrying more than 20 tons of payload plus 19 passengers – that means transporting first responders, rescue equipment, generators, clean water, food and more in a safe and affordable way.

It's not your grandfather's airship.

What makes it “Hybrid”? The Hybrid Airship operates from a combination of elements that differentiates it from previous airship designs. It combines buoyant lift from a helium filled envelope and aerodynamic lift from the airfoil shape of the envelope to efficiently carry payloads in an environmentally sustainable way.

It can take you around the world in 30 days.

Did you know the Hybrid Airship could travel all the way around the world, without refueling? It’s true. All you have to do is slow it down a bit. Normally, the Hybrid Airship can operate at a nominal cruise speed of approximately 60 knots –about three times the speed of an average cargo ship– for more than 1,500 miles and at altitudes up to 10,000 feet.

It's designed using the most innovative technologies.

One of those technologies is an Air Cushion Landing System. This hovercraft type landing gear provides an affordable and safe delivery solution for cargo and personnel to virtually anywhere – water or land. No roads, no problem. The Hybrid Airship will get you there.