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Since its humble 1986 beginnings, Code One has served as the premier publication for Lockheed Martin aircraft news and history. Originally a product support publication for the F-16 and F-111 fighter aircraft communities, the magazine has consistently reported on aeronautical advancements through top-flight photography, detailed feature articles, customer interviews, and unique program history pieces. The magazine’s straightforward, let-the-operators-tell their story style has made the publication widely respected.

The magazine has been on the forefront of aeronautical advancements, first covering what was then called the Advanced Tactical Fighter program—now the F-22—in 1991. Code One then began covering Advanced Development Programs in 1993 with an article on the history of the Skunk Works. The first story on the Joint Strike Fighter program—now the F-35 Lightning II—came in 1994. In recognition of Lockheed Martin's wide range of aircraft programs, the magazine expanded its coverage to include air mobility and maritime patrol and reconnaissance topics in 2003.

What's happening to CodeOneMagazine.com?
Code One was a quarterly print publication distributed around the world until 2003. Today, Code One lives online with a subscription-based newsletter. As of July 2016, Code One's original online home - CodeOneMagazine.com – is an archive site. The magazine now lives at LockheedMartin.com/CodeOne. Here you'll still find all the great content you've come to love from Code One with the added functionality and content of LockheedMartin.com.

Will the Code One E-newsletter live on?
Yes, if you've subscribed to the Code One E-newsletter, you will continue to receive this publication. The links on the publication, however, will link to LockheedMartin.com content versus CodeOneMagazine.com beginning July 2016.

Can I still follow @CodeOneMagazine on social media?

Code One's social media channels will close July 2016. All future Code One content will be posted to the Lockheed Martin feeds. Instructions on how to find and follow these feeds are below.

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