CEO Stevens: “Hiring Heroes Good Business, Right Thing To Do”

At Lockheed Martin, we have a long-standing commitment to successful job transition for America’s veterans – providing opportunities for them to continue contributing to the security of our nation even after their military service.  

In an interview today with CNBC, Chairman and CEO Bob Stevens underscored this commitment by saying, “Military veterans are an extraordinary group of people.  They have already been tested under very high pressure situations and they have demonstrated a commitment to mission, and the ability to work on a team…There is no business in America, large or small, that can’t benefit from individuals who know how to work on a team and know how to be effective leaders. “

Today, approximately 23 percent of Lockheed Martin’s 123,000 employees are U.S. military veterans, and in the last five years alone, the Corporation has hired nearly 18,000 veterans.  Lockheed Martin strives to be a major employer of our service men and women because they are a natural fit for our business.  We support the U.S. military, providing global security and aerospace products and services worldwide.  For our veterans, this is familiar territory, plus they bring the training, experience and discipline we seek in all our employees.

“When I was in the Marines, I didn’t know how to read a balance sheet,” said Stevens to CNBC.  “People hired me and they took some modest risk on me, and gave me a chance. I think if we are able to do that for our veterans, businesses would be enormously surprised and pleased by the results.”      

To assist veterans looking for employment after service, Lockheed Martin has a recruitment program dedicated to transitioning military, where we have a staff of military relations managers, each of whom has served.  We partner with various assistance programs including Military Spouse Employment Partnership, Employer Partnership of the Armed Forces and Army Partnership for Youth Success Program.  We also conduct targeted outreach specifically to wounded warriors through Network of Champions and virtual chat sessions that we host monthly.  

Additionally, Lockheed Martin is a member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce’s Hiring Our Heroes initiative.  We’re proud to be a part of this movement across America to help veterans and military spouses find meaningful employment opportunities.  As part of our membership, we’ll be participating in the Chamber’s job fairs to help find potential employees who will further enhance Lockheed Martin’s record of robust hiring of veterans.

Lockheed Martin plans to continue its focus on hiring veterans despite defense budget cuts.  When asked about the cuts, Stevens said that the corporation is doing its part to address the national debt and deficits and will continue to adapt to the new reality.  However, he stated that he does not think that additional cuts “should come as abruptly as they would in the form of sequestration.”