Aegis Combat System aboard Third Republic of Korea Destroyer Successfully Completes Qualification Trials

KAUAI, Hawaii, June 30, 2014 – The third Republic of Korea Aegis-equipped destroyer, known as KDX-III Seoae Ryu Sungryong, successfully completed a series of trials to confirm readiness of the ship’s combat system.

The at-sea Combat System Ship Qualification Trials (CSSQT) took place at the Pacific Missile Range Facility off the Hawaiian island of Kauai. The trials are the final tests of combat system design, hardware and software integration, ship integration and crew training.

“This milestone validates Seoae Ryu Sungryong’s Aegis Combat System, ship and crew to execute Combat System missions,” said Doug Wilhelm, director of international programs at Lockheed Martin’s Mission Systems and Training business. “This is a major milestone for the Republic of Korea Navy, whose destroyer will join the ranks of the more than 100 Aegis-equipped ships in service around the globe, with more than 1,250 years of at-sea operational experience and that have launched more than 3,800 missiles in tests and real-world operations.”

During the CSSQT, the ship's combat system was evaluated for combat readiness through comprehensive multi-mission warfare exercises, as well as thorough testing of the system's tactical data link capabilities. The anti-air warfare exercises included manned aircraft raids, electronic attack scenarios and live air-defense engagements.

With more than 40 years of significant investment by the U.S. Navy and its allies, the Aegis Combat System is used globally by six navies, across seven ship classes. The Aegis system includes Lockheed Martin's SPY-1 radar, the Navy's most advanced multi-function deployed radar system. When paired with the MK 41 Vertical Launching System, it is capable of delivering missiles for every mission and threat environment in naval warfare. The U.S. Navy is now deploying the latest version of Aegis, Aegis Baseline 9, which is capable of simultaneous anti-air warfare and ballistic missile defense.

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