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Coalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool (CJSMPT)


A Collaborative Tool for Automating the Spectrum Management Lifecycle

U.S. Military communications planning has become increasingly complicated. Wide bandwidth signals and an ever-increasing number of emitters deliver data “at the edge.” Additionally, increasing demand for wireless communications and the continual need for electronic support, protect, and attack diminishes network integrity. Lockheed Martin’s Coalition Joint Spectrum Management Planning Tool (CJSMPT) couples the capability to mitigate spectrum management challenges with the automation of the spectrum management lifecycle—all from within a single integrated tool.

CJSMPT automates the Commander’s Joint Chiefs of Staff Manual (CJCSM) 3320.01B Joint Task Force (JTF) spectrum management 12-step lifecycle, which is used by joint spectrum managers to establish a functional and efficient spectrum management processes.

CJSMPT evolves Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations (EMSO) planning into a dynamic process that keeps pace with combat operations. The tool uses a Spectrum Data Repository (SDR) containing an aggregate of information from various DoD data sources.

Key Capabilities

  • Automation of spectrum request, assign, deconflict and JCEOI creation.
  • Addresses EWO collaboration with Electronic Counter Measures (ECM) equipment deconfliction with background emitter information.
  • Brings together ground and airborne ECM equipment to identify potential Spectrum issues before they become an issue, thus allowing for JRFL updates.
  • Allows distribution of the spectrum workload through collaboration between brigade level commands and their senior commands.
  • Operates on a standard U.S. Army deployed platform (AN/GYK-66)
  • Can be quickly expanded to support more detailed electronic warfare planning
  • Robust equipment editor to model and simulate the new COTS equipment and allows for the creation of Standard Frequency Action Formats (SFAF) with the modeled data.

Program Performance and Future

Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories (LM ATL) developed CJSMPT with U.S. Army Communications-Electronics Research Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC). Lockheed Martin ATL and the U.S. Government are exploring new concepts to add capabilities that support the collaboration between the Intelligence, Communications and the EWO communities.

As part of a DoD Joint Military Utility Assessment, CJSMPT was deployed in a week-long live test at China Lake Naval Weapons Center. During the test, CJSMPT provided 100 percent accuracy in predicting interference and performing mitigation.