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VCSi is our commercial software platform that provides control for unmanned vehicles.

The intuitive point & click user interface design is based on over 20 years of unmanned vehicle control experience and helps to simplify training while enabling operators to complete their complex mission objectives.

VCSi’s open modular plug-in architecture allows it to be extended with new capabilities to meet your program’s unique requirements.  Choose from one of the available add-on modules or use the Software Development Kit (SDK) to create your own.


  • Control multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Stay informed of situations that need attention with a unified notification system
  • Be aware of the vehicle’s surroundings with an intuitive, interactive 3D map powered by Lockheed Martin’s Panterra Mapping EngineTM
  • Quickly plan, validate and manage flight routes
  • Seamlessly hand off control to mGCS and/or Hydra Fusion ToolsTM
  • Be prepared for emergency situations by easily managing contingency plans
  • View maps stored in a wide variety of raster map formats or display map tiles from MapBox or live maps created by Hydra Fusion ToolsTM
  • Easily analyze flight logs and extract flight data parameters for post-mission analysis
  • Monitor video feeds from a forward-facing camera or an EO/IR payload
  • Streamline vehicle integration using engineering tools that are designed to reduce integration costs
  • Develop custom plug-ins with the VCSi Software Development Kit (SDK)

Add-On modules provide additional features, such as:

  • Control EO/IR payloads
  • Display vector nautical navigation charts
  • Visualize nearby aircraft from ADS-B feeds
  • Integrate with Lockheed Martin Kestrel autopilot
  • Integrate with Cloud Cap Technology Piccolo autopilot*
  • And more – contact us to discuss your project’s needs

Supported NATO standards:

  • STANAG 4586 for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Control
  • STANAG 4609 Video Display

VCSi is a safe and reliable software platform that is built with modern agile CMMI Level 3 practices.  It is available in both Windows and Linux and can scale from a laptop to a multi-monitor setup.  VCSi is built in Canada and it is free from ITAR.

VCSi will be available in Fall 2017.  To preview an advance copy, please contact us.

*Piccolo module may not be available in all regions

We specialize in the development and licensing of vehicle control station software for unmanned systems.



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