Exoskeleton Technologies: Industrial


FORTIS™ exoskeleton transfers loads through the exoskeleton to the ground in standing or kneeling positions and allows operators to use heavy tools as if they were weightless. An advanced ergonomic design moves naturally with the body and adapts to different body types and heights. Using the FORTIS tool arm, operators can effortlessly hold heavy hand tools, increasing productivity by reducing muscle fatigue. 

Because of its design, the FORTIS™ exoskeleton is a recipient of a Gold Spark award in the category of Product and Health Design, and ICON Magazine, an architecture and design publication based in the United Kingdom, named the FORTIS™ exoskeleton its Product Design of the Year. 

CNN Money also named the FORTIS™ exoskeleton one of its 36 coolest gadgets of 2014. We are building on this experience to innovate further in the realm of exoskeleton technology.

Hear what the U.S. Navy and the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences have to say about Industrial Human Augmentation Systems (iHAS) including FORTIS

“The iHAS technology is a fundamental redefinition of the relationship between the worker and the tool, where the physical strength of the worker is no longer a limiting factor for work assignment. The cost benefit of implementing iHAS technology is not limited to just that of annual fiscal consideration, it will reduce work force injury for daily operations while increasing productivity by practically eliminating all physical fatigue.” 


Lockheed Martin offers FORTIS through a sales and support agreement with ROBRADY design. ROBRADY sells and provides training and service for Lockheed Martin’s industrial exoskeleton products. Prices start at $7,149 for the FORTIS Tool Arm and $23,320 for the full FORTIS industrial exoskeleton.

Contact ROBRADY at (941) 359-6656 or at https://www.robrady.com/FORTIS  

FORTIS is registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office by Lockheed Martin Corporation.