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gscs1 Specializing in off the shelf, hard-to-find and legacy equipment, GSCS offers hardware replacements for both structural and consumable parts, as well as a certified vendor program. Utilizing our global supply chain network, we have the capability to support rush deliveries, also offering warehousing and other value-added services such as parts kitting.


Under the Defense Logistics Agency’s Fleet Automotive Support Initiative-Global program, Lockheed Martin utilizes global sustainment expertise to provide automotive parts for all tactical and non-tactical U.S. military land-based vehicles by establishing a supply chain that ensures delivery of needed parts with a guaranteed fill rate of one to three days.

Navy Tires

GSCS has been providing aircraft tires to all Navy and Marine Corps aviation activities worldwide for over 10 years. In that time, our performance has included a 100% fill rate and on-time delivery worldwide of 98.4%, resulting in a 400% reduction in retail inventories for Navy and Marine Corps activities within the continental United States.

Industrial PV

Through the Defense Logistics Agency’s Industrial Product-Support Vendor (IPV) Program, GSCS provides crucial support to the three U.S. Air Force depots by maintaining a ready and constant supply of miscellaneous, small consumable parts in more than 295,000 parts bins with 90,000 unique line items at a bin fill rate of over 99.78 percent.

International Support

With over 40 years in international business, GSCS provides support services to 55 international and commercial customers. Our Government and International programs provide spares and repairs for four legacy Lockheed Martin aircraft: P-3, C-5, C-130 (B-H), and F-16.  GSCS supports this supply chain through Basic Ordering Agreements or Transactional efforts for our international customers.

Hologram Products Program

Certified Parts are Lockheed Martin designed and certified C-130B–H and F-16 spare parts that are available in the commercial marketplace. These parts are produced under license by manufacturing companies worldwide. Each part is made using the appropriate Lockheed Martin technical data, correct materials, required special processes and approved special process facilities.

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