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Upgrades, Maintenance and Services For TPS-77, AN/FPS-117 and TPS-59 Long-Range Air Surveillance Radars

The open architecture and continuous production of our radar systems has allowed for investment in the development of obsolescence replacements and enhancements, allowing our customers to extend the life of their systems far beyond the original designed life expectancy.


  1. Signal Processor and Data Processor Enhancements– (PE*/RM**)

  2. Secondary Surveillance Radar/Identification Friend or Foe Improvements - (PE*/RM**)

  3. Full Array Refresh - (PE*/RM**)

  4. Computer and Electronics Enhancements -(PE*/RM**)

  5. System Environmental Enhancements – (RM**)

  6. Performance Enhancing Tools – (PE*)

  7. Performance Enhancing Features & Capabilities – (PE*)

  8. Mobility Enhancements and Benefits – (PE*/RM**)

  9. Training

  10. Logistics Support


Lockheed Martin has successfully completed these replacements and enhancements for our customers and have extended the life of their radars well beyond the original designed life expectancy.



*Performance Enhancements (PE) – Enhancements allow reliable performance in more challenging environments.  LM continually adds performance improvement features to an already robust set of FPS-117 and TPS-77 upgrades. We developed features based on prior customer needs, and leverage more than 25 years of LM investments in the continuous improvement of radar technology. LM’s commitment to making steady internal Research and Development (IRAD) investment in the product enable features to be available for little or no Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) customer investments.


** Reliability & Maintainability (RM) – Enhancements relate to maintain & replacement for existing hardware. New equipment offers improved reliability at the Line Replaceable Unit (LRU), assembly, and system level, resulting in increased Operational Availability (Ao). Operations and maintenance organizations can reduce their maintenance actions and enhance overall depot supportability.



If you do not find the enhancement you are looking for, we can customize to meet your request.


For a copy of Lockheed Martin’s latest brochure on Enhancements, Maintenance, and Services for the TPS-77 and FPS AN/FPS-117 Long-Range Air Surveillance Radars, please contact us:


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