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15-inch Series

Gyrocam 15-inch Series

The Gyrocam 15 Series offers multiple optical and laser payload configurations to satisfy different mission requirements across maritime, airborne, and land applications. These configurations can include, but are not limited to, advanced thermal imaging, high-resolution color, high-definition color, and next-generation night vision technology. Laser illuminator/ pointer and laser rangefinder options are also available to increase mission effectiveness.

Because the 15 Series gimbal is gyro-stabilized, movements and vibrations inherent to an image captured on a moving platform are eliminated, rendering clear and highly stabilized images.

With more than 1,100 systems deployed with the U.S. military as part of the VOSS program, the Gyrocam 15 Series has a proven track record in current combat operations. LMGS Technical Services actively supports Gyrocam 15 Series sensors in theater with turnkey installation, maintenance, repair and training.

Gyrocam 15 Series sensors feature the following:

  • Four-axis active gyroscopic stabilization
  • High-resolution, integrated optical payload
  • Multi-platform qualified
  • Universal Gyrocam-family capability
  • Multi-interface capability.


15- Inch Triple Sensor (15TS/VOSS): Advanced thermal imaging, high-resolution color, and next-generation night vision capabilities into one gyro-stabilized system.

15-Inch Dual Sensor (15DS): Advanced thermal imaging, high-resolution color. Optional reduced resolution FLIR sensor

15-Inch High-Definition Color/Infrared (15HDIR): High-resolution, high-definition long lens and continuous zoom thermal imaging


Airborne observation, border and perimeter security, critical infrastructure protection, drug interdiction, force protection, maritime patrol, surveillance and reconnaissance, IED and mine detection, land vehicle security, and law enforcement

Gyrocam 15 inch