ACV: Superior Performance

The Lockheed Martin 8x8 focuses on 4 key areas:

Water Operations
The Lockheed Martin 8x8 offers amphibious launch capability, superior swim speed and reserve buoyancy.

Land Operations
Our 8x8’s exceptional horsepower/ton ratio will provide customers with superior performance while maintaining fuel efficiency, and outstanding ride quality in all weight conditions to ensure combat readiness.

Carry and Payload
The Lockheed Martin Team’s 8x8 offers a standard solution of carrying 11 embarked troops with a crew of 3, PLUS the ability to reconfigure to a 13+3 with appropriate trades, as well as a payload/weight growth of 25% gross vehicle weight (GVW) without modification.

A fully complaint armor protection suite, which was designed from the successes and lessons learned on previous programs which provide superior levels of protection.