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February 12, 2016
Carbon Trust Launches World’s Largest Technology Trial to Create 3D Wind Maps for Offshore Wind Farms

The Carbon Trust, an international organization who partners to facilitate a sustainable future for our planet, has begun the world’s largest trial of scanning Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) technology, taking place in Dublin Bay, Ireland. The study uses WindTracer as part of a group of units placed along the shoreline that will map wind patterns for future offshore wind farm placement. Read More


January 27, 2015
Aircraft Wake Measurements Will Improve Efficiency at Rapidly-Growing Dubai International Airport

Dubai Air Navigation Services (DANS) is analyzing wake data from WindTracers to ensure that concepts to reduce aircraft separations and increase airport efficiency can be implemented while maintaining safety at Dubai International Airport. Read More


November 18, 2013
Bayanat Airports Teams With Lockheed Martin To Deploy First Wind Tracer® Lidar In Middle East

Bayanat Airports Engineering & Supplies LLC (BAES), the leading airport systems integrator in the Middle East, in collaboration with Lockheed Martin has successfully installed the region’s first WindTracer® lidar (light detection and ranging) system at Dubai International Airport. Read More


August 29, 2013
Lockheed Martin Wind Tracer® System Installed At Major Airports In Germany

German Weather Service (DWD) has installed Lockheed Martin WindTracer® Doppler lidar systems at the Frankfurt and Munich airports as part of the Low Level Wind Shear Alert System (LLWAS). By adding WindTracer lidar at the two largest airports in Germany, DWD takes a leading role in European efforts to improve aviation safety and efficiency. Read More


February 13, 2013
WindTracer® Achieves Major Airport Efficiency Enhancements

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has applied hundreds of thousands of research measurements made by Lockheed Martin’s WindTracer® Doppler lidar to redefine flight rules, achieving major efficiency enhancements at U. S. airports. Read More


March 5, 2012
WindTracer® Selected for Thailand International Airport

The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD) will install a Lockheed Martin (NYSE: LMT) WindTracer® Doppler lidar system at Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi International Airport as part of its Integrated Windshear Alerting System. Read More


December 1, 2011
Fishermen’s Energy Installs Lockheed Martin WindTracer®

Fisherman’s Energy completed a significant step in building what may be the first offshore windfarm in the United States. Typically used at major airports to detect wind shear and turbulence, this is the first application of the WindTracer Doppler LIDAR in support of offshore windfarm development. Read More


January 13, 2011
Kansai Airport Installs WindTracer®

Japan Meteorological Agency has installed the fourth WindTracer® lidar system that currently operates at the Kansai International Airport in Osaka. WindTracer is monitoring wind activity and low-level wind shear to provide advanced warning of wind hazards. Read More

Bayanat Airports Teams With Lockheed Martin To Deploy First Windtracer Lidar In Middle East Bayanat Airports Teams With Lockheed Martin To Deploy First Windtracer Lidar In Middle East