Cybersecurity Products and Solutions

Threat-focused Operations for Today’s Evolving Landscape.

Sophisticated cyber solutions comprehensively defend network and systems from advanced persistent threats – all while helping to stay ahead of the adversary’s next attack. Lockheed Martin delivers Advanced Cyber and Electronic Warfare systems, solutions and services across the Intelligence Community, Homeland Security and Department of Defense.
International Cyber Support.
Through our Cyber Solutions International team Lockheed Martin provides state of the art cyber defense capabilities to our customers across the globe. We deliver end-to-end solutions for analyzing intruders’ actions, extracting intelligence, and mitigating threats by driving defensive courses of action to protect organizations from cyber- crime and terrorism. Our vision is to enable our international partners to maximize Cyber mission impact by providing innovative affordable solutions, training & skilled staff.

Analysis On Demand

Anti Tamper

Computer Network Defense (RaceTrack, LAIKA BOSS)

Counter UAV (ICARUS)

Cross Domain Solutions / Multi Enclave Solutions (Radiant Mercury, Trusted Manager)

Cyber Analyst Training

Cyber Kill Chain®

Embedded Cyber

Electronic Warfare 

Industrial Control Systems/Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA)

Insider Threat Detection (LM Wisdom™ ITI)

Intelligence Driven Defense®

Knowledge Management (ATOMIK)

LM Program protection (Cyber Inside Campaign)

National Cyber Range (NCR) Cyber Table Top (CTT) & Testing

Network Sensor (Starvision®)

OSINT Analysis (LM Wisdom™)

Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Analysis

Reverse Engineering, Forensics, Malware Analysis

Security Engineering/Risk Management Framework

Security Intelligence Center (SIC) Transformation

Software Secure Processing