Digital Tapestry


How We Reach the Future

How do we get to Mars? How can we deliver cleaner water, or power entire cities through the oceans? The future is demanding. It’s complicated. And it’s changing fast. At Lockheed Martin, we’re rethinking our digital world so we can quickly innovate, deliver faster and improve our ideas well into their service lives.

We are pushing the frontiers of digital technology by linking all stages of a product’s life cycle. The Digital Tapestry seamlessly connects conceptualization, design, verification, manufacturing and sustainment to better understand and improve the ideas that we bring to life.

Digital Tapestry




Conceptualization: Using 3-D visualization and mix-and-match capabilities using a virtual product catalog to build what you can imagine.

Design & Analysis: Using digital modeling tools, designers are able to unleash their creativity in an interactive, virtual modeling process or through low-cost 3-D printing, where we refine our designs in a whole new light.

Simulation & Optimization: Using the same digital model that its inventor created, others are able to simulate the users’ operational environment. Using that data, we can evolve our designs and even give birth to new ideas.

Manufacturing: 3-D printing at industrial scale, along with other direct digital fabrication methods, enables manufacturing directly from the engineering model and reduces production time..

Assembly & Test: Improve labor-intensive builds by rethinking the assembly line. Using immersive technology, we can plan out an assembly line virtually, even down to small tasks, making everything more efficient.

Operations & Sustainment: We learn from products while they’re operating so we can improve them, like with software uploads for reconfigurable satellite payloads, or use data collected to improve our next concept.



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