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Integrated Computational Materials Engineering


Imagine designing a fighter jet or spacecraft from the ground up using only a library of tools and materials properties and then being able to simulate the entire production process before production even begins.

Lockheed Martin Integrated Computational Materials Engineering (ICME) reduces the costs of failure and redesign in the production of high-performance components for defense, aerospace, automotive and other commercial applications.

ICME combines bedrock computational physics and informatics with systematic experiments and advanced manufacturing to reduce the cost, risk and cycle time for new product development. It merges a top-down approach using state-of-the-art informatics tools to mine an extensive database on materials, product properties and manufacturing process performance with bottom-up, multi-scale modeling based on first principles.

At Lockheed Martin, ICME is enabling engineers to concurrently design materials, components and flexible manufacturing processes to reduce technology insertion risks for major programs. Potential savings from ICME comes at every step of the design and manufacturing process.