Man and Machine Teaming


DARPA Robotics Challenge

As part of the DARPA Robotics Challenge, Lockheed Martin developing autonomous systems that work together with human operators.

We are working to discover the best ways for humans and robots to collaborate and meet the needs of a mission. Some missions will require a high-level of independence for the system, while others will require human-robot teams to work seamlessly as a unit.

As we work to understand how robots and humans will interact in the future, we are considering the human-robot teams as a single, integrated system. This approach calls on the strengths of both the human and the robot, asking each one to perform what they do best.

Our engineers are also working with universities to develop technologies to monitor cognitive workload and attention capacity. This research is aimed at identifying a user’s readiness and then aligning tasks to match skills. Data collection can also identify common problems and predict future issues.


SMSS - Squad Mission Support System

Watch how the SMSS unmanned vehicle lightens the load for soldiers