Lockheed Martin Energy

Energy Efficiency


As one of the largest implementers of energy efficiency projects in the United States, we partner with government, industrial and commercial customers to deliver energy savings.


We manage energy efficiency projects to ensure our customers conserve energy, increase operational efficiencies and maximize capital spending.

  • Commercial sector programs focus on building and tenant improvements, real estate value appreciation, lease value appreciation, and energy and technology discriminators in the marketplace.

  • Industrial programs help customers achieve their goals of maximizing output while reducing manufacturing expenses through process improvements and strategic energy management initiatives, as well as plant modernization, process cost reduction, reliability and sustainability.

  • Government sector programs take into account the federal mandates that customers must meet, such as energy intensity reduction, laws and executive orders, sustainability, energy independence and energy security.

By encouraging the use of energy efficient equipment and processes, and ensuring that those alternatives maximize energy savings, we help our clients meet their energy goals and protect the environment at the same time.