We Provide and Accept Appropriate Business Courtesies

We Set the Standard

  • Avoid the perception that favorable treatment is being sought, received or given in exchange for business courtesies.
  • Ensure that the offered business courtesy is permitted by law and policy.
  • Verify that the rules of the recipient’s organization are not violated by the offered business courtesy.
  • Do not offer, give, solicit or receive any form of bribe or kickback, as these are criminal acts.
  • Recognize that complex rules and monetary limits apply when dealing with Public Officials, including members of the military.
  • Consult policy and obtain guidance if you are uncertain if an action is inappropriate or within the allowable limits.

Why We Do It

  • When people exchange gifts or business courtesies, it can create (whether intentionally or not) the perception that favors were granted in order to influence business judgment.
  • We compete on the merits of our products and services and do not give business courtesies to gain an unfair competitive advantage.
  • We source products and services fairly and avoid accepting business courtesies that may cause even the perception of an inappropriate business relationship.