We Maintain Accurate Business Records

We Set the Standard

  • When you prepare or submit business or financial records, they must be accurate.
  • You must not include proprietary or confidential information in any public disclosures without obtaining the proper prior approval. Public disclosures include reports or documents filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission, other regulatory authorities and other public communications made by the Corporation.

Why We Do It

  • We have an obligation to the public and our stockholders to make accurate public disclosures.
  • We are committed to operating in an environment of open communication while not compromising proprietary or confidential information.

If you prepare business or financial records or public communications on behalf of the Corporation, you must ensure that all information they contain is comprehensive, fair, timely, accurate and understandable. Public communications include external presentations.

If you have concerns about any aspect of our business or financial records or auditing matters, or you learn that others have such concerns, you should talk to your manager, the Finance organization, Internal Audit, the Legal Department or the Ethics Office.