We Avoid Conflicts of Interest due to Government Employment

We Set the Standard

  • We comply with all laws and regulations covering employing or acquiring the services of government employees.
  • We avoid conflicts of interest in connection with employing or acquiring the services of current or former government employees. This includes current or former military personnel and other government employees.

Why We Do It

Our continued success and ability to compete in the marketplace depend on ensuring that we do not hire or work with current or former government employees in a manner that creates a real or perceived conflict of interest.

These rules:

  • Apply to contact or negotiations with current government employees to discuss their potential employment by the Corporation or their use as consultants or subcontractors.
  • May restrict the roles and responsibilities that former government employees may perform on our behalf after joining the Corporation.
  • Can be complex. Always consult Lockheed Martin policy and seek the advice of Human Resources or the Legal Department.

Responding to Investigations and Legal Action: