We are Committed to Protecting Human Rights

We Set the Standard

We are committed to good citizenship, which includes the protection and advancement of internationally recognized human rights.

Fair Treatment

  • We treat others with respect and dignity, encourage diversity and diverse opinions, promote equal opportunity for all and help create an inclusive and ethical culture.
  • We prohibit harassment, bullying and discrimination, use of child, compulsory or forced labor, trafficking in persons, and any acts associated with modern day slavery for any purpose.

Resource Access

  • We promote environmental responsibility by reducing our use of natural resources and maximizing the efficiency of our products.
  • We innovate technologies that can protect and provide access to natural resources.
  • We support economic access through fair and inclusive hiring and remuneration practices and supplier diversity outreach.

Labor Practices

  • We comply with all applicable wage and hour laws and regulations and provide legally-mandated benefits.
  • We respect the right of employees to exercise their right of free association and to choose or not choose collective bargaining representation.

Why We Do It

The protection and advancement of human rights:

  • Maintains our commitment to integrity and our core values
  • Promotes employee satisfaction and productivity
  • Enhances competitiveness of our business