We Protect Sensitive Information

Sensitive Information includes Personal Information, Export Controlled Information, Lockheed Martin Proprietary Information, and Third Party Proprietary Information.

We Set the Standard

You must:

  • Handle, store and protect Sensitive Information in accordance with applicable requirements.
  • Obtain proper authorization before disclosing or receiving such information, internally or through a third party (like a supplier, customer or competitor).
  • Only access personal information or personal data for legitimate business purposes and have prior authorization.
  • Respect the privacy and dignity of our employees and safeguard the confidentiality of employee records and information.
  • Prior to disclosing classified information, ensure that recipients have the proper security clearance and "need to know."
  • When using social media, take extra care to protect information about the Corporation, your colleagues, customers and yourself.

We Set the Standard (Continued)

  • Refer external inquiries to Communications.
  • Obtain proper approval before publishing or making outside presentations about Lockheed Martin or its customers or partners.
  • Report unauthorized access of Sensitive Information.
  • Be extra vigilant to avoid cybersecurity risks.
  • Follow information protection requirements even after your employment or engagement with the Corporation ends.

Why We Do It

  • We are entrusted with Sensitive Information from the Corporation, our customers, suppliers and others.
  • Mishandling information can damage our reputation, customers, partners and country. It can also result in penalties and fines against the Corporation and individual employees.
  • When you do business internationally, there are country-specific laws to consider, including import/export issues, privacy considerations and unique information handling and safeguarding requirements.