Engaging Third Parties


We Properly Engage Third Parties

We Set the Standard

  • We do not select or retain consultants, representatives or third parties to conduct business in a manner that is contrary to our policies or that would circumvent our values and principles. Actions we prohibit include:
    • Paying bribes or kickbacks
    • Engaging in industrial espionage
    • Obtaining the proprietary data of a third party without authority
    • Improperly gaining inside information or influence
  • Consultants, representatives and third parties must certify that they will comply with the Corporation’s requirements for doing business on its behalf

Why We Do It

  • The decisions and actions of others who conduct business on our behalf impact our Corporation's reputation.
  • In some cases, our customer agreement holds us accountable for actions on our behalf by third parties.

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Seek advice from Consultant Services prior to engaging an international or domestic consultant.